What is Awake Love

Awake Love is an effort that I started in 2014 as I learned about Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy.

There are several aspects of Awake Love:

  1. Weekly group meetings
  2. Humanitarian outreach
  3. Financial support for those in need
  4. Actively working to do Good and be Loving

More of the story of how it all started:

After a lifetime of depression and anger primarily caused by childhood abuse, I began to heal, and learn what Love is.  Pamela Sherbrooke, my therapist, is much more than that.  Pamela is a highly spiritually connected individual who uses Love to guide her.  Pamela taught me what unconditional Love is, and I eagerly learned the techniques.  What I did – which is different than most – is to actually live and practice these techniques every waking moment.  I was SO desperate for help that I adopted these techniques as my life philosophy.  As a result, I healed significantly and rapidly…by my willingness to overcome fear and take risks.

All the healing brought me from a place of hatred to a place of Love.  Most importantly I began to Love myself – unconditionally.  Then, unintentionally, but naturally, I began to empathize and Love others.

My Love for others motivated me to create the Awake Love organization.  “Awake” making reference metaphorically to our sleeping soul’s that have awakened to the truth of Love being a very real thing.

A major part of my own journey is a vision, or meditative experience I had.  During this meditative state, I reached thoughtlessness and having reached thoughtlessness my mind was clear to explore myself.  In this ‘pure’ and unclouded mode of existence, I began to ponder ‘what am I?’.

I was in a ‘lucid’ state of dreaming consciousness and flew into the Sun where all of my physical body burnt off.  And, again I wondered in my mind, if I am not my body, then what am I?

As this question lingered in the silence…suddenly the word LOVE popped into my head!  LOVE is what I am!  I am LOVE!

This epiphany began a process of evolution in me that has expanded to believing that all humans are identical…they are LOVE.  Perhaps animals too.  Perhaps everything is LOVE.  And, this concept is also often referred to as GOD.

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