Information about the Uganda Martyrs Orphans Project:  UMOP

uganda kids.jpg

Current Projects In Uganda:


Awake Love seeks the donation of 100-1000 laptop computers to supply the children at UMOP.  Currently UMOP has approximately 10 partially functional computers for a student body of 1000 (or more).

The picture below is only HALF of the students (Lower School pictured circa 2017).

Lower School

Sewage Treatment:

Awake Love seeks the donation of $15,000 to upgrade the UMOP campus waste management system.  Currently, the ENTIRE student body uses 2 toilets.  The toilets drain into a cesspool beneath the toilets … and must be emptied MANUALLY — EVERY SINGLE DAY.  The $15,000 will be used to install a conventional waste management system including drain pipes and sewage treatment pools.

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