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Pat Vulk   


Developer background that has evolved over time into leadership roles.  Current and past responsibilities include delivering Services and meeting Service uptime SLAs for third party service providers for AT&T and previously US DOD.  Extensive Project Management, Software Development, and CRM experience.


B.S.M.E University of Texas Arlington


AT&T:  Program Manager – Chief Technology Office (4/11 – present)     Redmond, WA

Key Functions:  Program Management, service delivery, service management, vendor management, billing, user experience, legal, budgeting, data synchronization, roadmap development.  Partner with Marketing for new services.

  • 8+ years’ experience in organizational programs, project management and related areas.
  • 8+ years of supervisory or program management experience, including cross-functional management.
  • Advanced people skills and training. Experience with leadership management (managing other managers).  Provide positive and constructive feedback to staff.  Escalate as and when necessary.
  • Set both strategic and tactical direction (where are we going and how are going to get there). Develop project plans that identify key issues, potential problems and approaches.
  • Extensive experience managing and implementing medium to large programs ($1M-$25M), including identifying, maintaining, and/or adjusting the cost, scope, and resources, managing vendors, and overseeing the formal planning, tracking, and reporting of program performance.
  • Mobile Apps (tablets, handheld, wearables): UX, Mobile Security, Numbersync for Softphone (Skype) & Wearables:  Multi-SIM Shared Identity, User Capability Exchange, Video Calling, Mobile Email, Good Technology, Blackberry.
  • Experienced in all areas of project management including multiple project integration, scope, schedule, budget, quality, staffing, communications, risk, and procurement. Experience in managing multiple simultaneous projects.  Examples of scale:  $10M billing forensics project, $25M reconciliation lead, service launch/lifecycle/sunset.
  • Routinely and successfully negotiate for budget and resources to achieve required objectives.
  • Forge new and maintain existing agreements with internal/external organizations. Cultivate cross-functional relationships with organizations across AT&T especially:  Marketing, Operations, Engineering, Networks and Legal.
  • Deliver Enterprise level projects from inception to conclusion meeting defined scope, schedule, budget and resources.
  • Deliver services, manage vendors and large teams, establish/maintain budgets, lead cross-functional teams.
  • Interface directly with vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, and various others.
  • ETE accountability of all deliverables and SLAs (schedule, requirements, detailed design, test plan, etc.)
  • Manage, develop and negotiate both internally and with vendors: budgets, schedules, funding, buy in, and staffing.
  • Perform self-directed ad-hoc activity of varying and undefined nature as needed (including cost-benefit and capacity analysis) to make informed decisions, support roadmap and services evolution. Provide status reports as needed.
  • Negotiate contracts, deliverables and SLAs with vendors and internal factories. Hold partners accountable.


Message Systems: 

Professional Services Solution Engineer (1/10 – 4/11) Redmond, WA

Key Functions:  Customer facing role delivering Message Systems email servers.  Gathered SPAM protection requirements and implemented for client.  Wrote cluster monitoring software.  Delivered SMTP and SMPP MTAs.

  • AT&T – Tech Lead for large email product delivery and Mobile Alert project. Wrote GEO-Redundant cluster code.
  • Verizon – Technical Lead for Pre-Sales Proof of Concept delivery.
  • Led technical meetings/discussions involving up to 20 Developers, Engineers, Sales, and Quality Control.
  • Determined staffing requirements, conducted interviews, and future planning activities.
  • Provided guidance to team of Developers and Engineers regarding all manner of highly technical questions.
  • Made critical decisions and prioritized tasks.
  • Represented company to customers as Subject Matter Expert.
  • Delivered product – SMTP and SMPP MTAs – to remote servers resolving all server and network related issues.
  • Ensured all issues were resolved within the SLA and to the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Coordinated End-To-End troubleshooting and testing activities.





Northrop Grumman (Held Top Secret Clearance)

Systems Project Engineer 4/T03                                     (9/07 – 11/09)      Harrogate, UK

  • Key Experience: Increased knowledge of how big companies work with the US Government (contracts, proposals, budgets, staffing, large systems delivery).  Supported site’s highest priority system.  Dealt with high pressure situations.  Increased proficiency with shell scripts and Perl.
  • As Echelon I Engineer supported high load/visibility mission critical systems.
  • As Echelon 2 Engineer worked with the customer and Echelon I Engineers for an important lab system.
  • Professionally multitasked in lean environment taking leadership roles.
  • Known for getting the job done and following through.
  • Led back-end development of Mission View project…SQL bingo board.
  • Led transfer of several systems from one contract to another quickly and efficiently. This required not only tact and negotiation skills, but also thorough investigation to ensure Northrop was not getting into a Pandora’s Box situation after acceptance.
  • Critical member of development team for new monitoring system at customer request.
  • Wrote an advanced automation tool that saved our team many hours of work.


Raytheon (Held Top Secret Clearance)

Sr. Software Engineer II – E04                                             (5/07 – 9/07)        Denver, CO

  • Key Experience: Learned how to get a new system into a secure facility.
  • Worked LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) based project for multiple Sites.
  • Made appropriate modifications to tools and interfaces based on customer feedback.
  • Researched and wrote SSP, wrote Test Plan and other associated documents to get system in for customer.
  • High visibility role with multi-company/customer interfaces requiring excellent communication skills.

Sr. System Engineer – E03                                       (9/01 – 5/07) Alice Springs, Australia

  • Key Experience: Learned Digital Signal Processing.  Learned how big companies work with the US Government (contracts, proposals, budgets, staffing, large systems delivery).
  • Set up prototype nodes to work with CISCO 3750s configured as PSMs – probable DSM replacement – used to acquire data. This work was significantly complex and rarely duplicated
  • As Echelon I Engineer, provided full support to mission critical systems, as well as ‘store and forward’ type applications.
  • Worked in a team environment where very professional and competent interface was necessary to several different departments, companies, and government agencies at all levels.
  • Escalation and resolution contact for 25 different systems including Site’s highest priority system and supported many others with Engineers new to Site.
  • System support ranged from patch installations to complete installation of a system (racks, servers, cables, application software and testing).
  • Supported development activities-setting up equipment, Midas Option Trees, PIC cards, drivers, in essence creating analysis platform for local developers and testing data acquisition for local lab.



Software Development Engineer:  

Metro-Optix (Ericsson Spin-off)                          (2/99 – 8/01)                            Plano, TX

  • Key Experience: As a Software Engineer, learned how Software is developed in a professional, ‘start-up’ environment.  Developed Network switch related software in C and C++.
  • Simultaneously performed role of Software Engineer and Mechanical Engineer while at this startup company. The company stated that there was a need for Software developers and I was interested.
  • Given responsibility for development of Virtual Tributary (VT).
  • Managed build promotions/version control using ClearCase.
  • Regularly multi-tasked on multiple Circuit Packs (CSF, OCN, DS3, ATM, VT).
  • Supported product release to customers.
  • Developed new Firmware condition status updating methodology.
  • Developed and implemented periodic task monitoring system.
  • Generated test code from test plans to support Firmware team.
  • Investigated folder generation limits and implemented control.
  • Generated “Command Wrappers” for Firmware team




Mechanical Engineer:  Metro-Optix (Ericsson Spin-off)     (2/99 – 9/01)       Plano, TX.

  • Key Experience: As an Electro-Mechanical Engineer, gained knowledge of telecommunications infrastructure components and increased knowledge of product development.
  • As Metro-Optix’s single source for thermal analysis, developed thermal models of product line (City Stream, City View) using Icepak.
  • Generated company-critical thermal models prior to development of circuit packs giving product architects direct guidance for development (such as how to lay out the boards).
  • Developed spreadsheet used to calculate ampacity capabilities for PDA conductors, cable selection etc., based directly upon N.E.C., and used for all products at company.
  • Communicate/coordinate with upper management regarding system capabilities.
  • Work directly with hardware engineers to develop mutually acceptable board layouts.
  • Designed sheetmetal Power Distribution Assembly using Pro-Engineer, coordinating with vendors for expedited manufacture. Collaborated with hardware engineers to estimate current (Amps) requirements.
  • Guide associates in all aspects of development as required.
  • Evaluate Bellcore product requirements ensuring compliance.
  • Recommend and schedule environmental testing of product both for Seismic and thermal chamber, interpret results and present solutions to problems as they occur.
  • Perform structural analysis and evaluation of injection molded board ejector prior to manufacture.


Engineer I:  Motorola – Physical Design Department      (1/97 – 2/99) Fort Worth, TX.

  • Key Experience: As an Electro-Mechanical Engineer, gained knowledge of Radio Frequency shielding, and calculation of high current (100<A<500) electrical conductor sizing based upon amperage loading and all aspects of component design therein.  Experience with indoor and outdoor electronics enclosure design.
  • Developed electro-mechanical devices for Cellular Base Transceiver Stations.
  • Received Cellular Infrastructure Group Engineering Award for design of laminated Power Distribution Assembly.
  • Engineered 90% reduction in error opportunity through intense and active relationship with manufacturing.
  • Perform FEA as required using ANSYS and COSMOS.
  • Test cabinets for Acoustic SPL to verify PRD specifications.
  • Test cabinets to verify Bellcore Seismic requirements for Zone 3 and Zone 4 at the Southwest Research Institute.
  • Developed injection molded plastic components.
  • Proactively encourage internal customers’ participation during development process through multiple design reviews and open feedback sessions.
  • Interpret and apply National Electric Code (NEC) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) stipulations as required.
  • Developed powerline filter and I/O gasketing to meet both UL1950 & Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and fire protection requirements respectively.
  • Developed: Combiner Covers, Protective Covers, Breaker Panels, Configuration Inserts, Cosmetic Panels, LPA Cables, CCP Cables, and Power Return Bus.
  • Cradle to grave management of production cycle.

Development Engineer:  Peterbilt – Development Group           (93 – 97)     Denton, TX

  • Key Experience: Designed and implemented many articulated vehicle powertrain designs using large Diesel engines (up to 500HP) and all associated heavy-duty componentry (radiators, intake, exhaust, fans, fan shrouds, fan clutch, lubrication, electrical).
  • Selected as lead engineer and supervised 3 engineers in the development of an enhanced Cab Over Engineer model vehicle for the South African Market.
  • Saved $30,000 on my first design out of college on large vacuum formed component by recognizing something others did not.
  • Saved $100,000 on fan tooling design by discovering an error in the engine design.
  • Engineered robust designs and regulated their implementation through full production.
  • Interfaced with customers at concept reviews to ensure satisfaction.
  • Provided Marketing Department feedback pertaining to timeline feasibility and lead times.
  • Selected as technical lead to review peer solutions prior to going into production
  • Implemented new engine (CUMMINS M11+) into product line.
  • Utilized GD&T in all designs.
  • Member of R12 to R134A conversion team in HVAC group.
  • Brought to production injection molded air conditioner unit casing.
  • Gained extensive knowledge of sheetmetal fabrication process.
  • Optimized firewall design by performing statistical analysis.
  • Designed many numerous heavy-duty engine components.


Team Captain UT Formula SAE                                          (90 – 93)            Arlington, TX

  • Key Experience: Led and guided large group of student engineers in fast-paced automotive engineering effort. Gained hands-on experience with internal combustion engines, hydraulics and manufacturing.  Experience included:  Machining, welding and metal fabrication techniques.
  • Managed 10 man, year-long effort to produce formula style racecar and compete with 143 other universities (Won 2nd place). Wrote nuts to bolts budget report.
  • Self-taught MSC NASTRAN and performed finite element analysis upon vehicle.
  • Conceived modular electronic housing design.
  • Wrote optimization program using Lotus for vehicle hydraulic system.




·         4 utility patents I wrote and navigated successfully through the patent process for a bicycle, computer interface invention, and various computer related peripheral derivatives (U.S. Patent #’s 5,892,499, 14/641,436).

·         Motorola patent disclosure award for cellular phone concept

Motorola CIG award for unique power distribution unit design


PMI PMP targeted 2019


Development:  Icepak, GD&T, Bellcore GR-63, NEBS, UL1950, EMI, N.E.C., Injection molding, casting, roto-molding, high volume stamping, progressive die, GR-1073-core, GR-1312-core.

Design:  Pro-Engineer (7 years – expert), Pro-Sheetmetal, FEA, CADAM, FCC1999, MSC NASTRAN FEA, AutoCAD 15 (3 years – proficient), ISO 9000.

Manufacturing:  Injection molding, roto-molding, vacuum forming, sheet metal, plastics, composites, Design for Manufacture, GD&T, 6 Sigma tolerance analysis, Large Assembly Database Management, Practical Electronics Cooling, RF Shielding Techniques and Considerations..


Languages/OS:  C, C++, Perl, FORTRAN, Python, Midas, Unix, Linux, VMS
Tools:  ObjecTime, Visual C++ 6.0, VxWorks, ClearCase, Opti-Perl

University of Dallas courses:  C, C++, Perl (top marks in each subject)

References (~<year of meeting>):

Dr. Bob Woods – 817-996-0707:  ~1991 – My Professor at UTA.

Julian Kaunitz – 503-804-5872:  ~1993 – A colleague at Peterbilt.

Tony Main – 571-274-4572:  ~2000 – A colleague at Raytheon.

Joe Wolfewiczt – 240-278-4291:  ~2000 – A colleague at Raytheon.

Rene Perez – 210-254-8690:  ~1991 – A fellow student.

Mike Lanka – 206-992-2287:  ~2011 – A colleague at AT&T.

Dimitri Vlahosotiros – 425-435-9597:  ~2013 – A colleague at AT&T.

Elizabeth Maupin – 425-677-8043:  ~2015 – A friend I do volunteer homeless work with.

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