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In September 2017, representatives from traveled to Uganda and India to perform a needs assessment. Locations visited were Maher, India and UMOP in Tororo, Uganda.

This is a video of our visit to the beggar’s slum in Pune, India.

Watching this video, one might think it was a pleasant place to be. You might notice that our local friends are even sweating. It was stiflingly hot, and this community is built up essentially on garbage. There was a stench in the air and smoke from fires being burned everywhere was thick in the air.

The gentleman in red is a member of Maher and comes to this slum every single day to run a small school. We met others who supported other slums.

These Maher members are just like me and you. They have families, children, and like to watch movies. Yet, they support children living in slums for tiny amounts of pay. I have the GREATEST respect for them.

We will be arranging another trip (cost ~$2500) in 2018. Please contact me if you are interested in going or helping with logistics. Volunteer opportunities to Love our fellow humans abound!
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