Life History

Life History

My healing started in about 2013 – shortly after my divorce.  As I began to heal, I began to empathize and learned that not only was I loveable, but so were others.  At this time I started a group called Awake Love.  At the Awake Love meetings, I share my healing and work with attendees to teach them what I have learned.  If I can go from extreme depression and hatred to loving joy….anyone can. followed shortly thereafter.

I had an abusive childhood which led to very serious emotional problems.

Although intelligent and creative, my personality was severely repressed which generated huge internalized anger.

I was married in a 20yr marriage, during which we both abused each other.

This culminated in a very, very ugly divorce.

Shortly thereafter, I was found by a wonderful person named Pamela Sherbrooke.  Pamela showed me and taught me unconditional love.

Since 2013 I have been seeing Pamela who continues to teach me what unconditional love is all about.


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