I Love you, but Trump does not!

Any one of the following would cause us to seriously question our choices of leader…

Trump has refused to disclose his taxes – so we do not know how rich he actually is, and we do not know if he owns large amounts of Russian property, nor do we know if he OWES the Russian government vast debts due to loans.

Trump stated to a 10 year old girl – about her 10 year old friend – which both girls heard…’in 8 years I’ll be dating you friend’.

Trump IS an abuser. If he says these things publicly…one can only imagine how he treats others privately.

Trump has been considered by the professional mental health community as a likely Narcissist – a very serious condition similar to Hitler or Mussolini.

Trump has been accused by 22 women of sexual assault.

How about we simply accept that Trump is not a good choice to represent us as Loving, good Americans?

Jesus said we should Love one another…let’s do that and…

  Give Bernie’s choices a close look.

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