You may make a donation via Paypal here:  AwakeLove

100% of any funds received will go to whichever mission you specify.

All advertising to this point has been paid for by me – the billboard cost $5,000 for one month.  If you are able to help pay for that, I would really appreciate it.

Each mission was visited by me.  I met the leaders of their organizations.  I am confident that the missions we support are worthy of your funding, that the money will indeed be used to help people who need it directly or are working in support of the associated mission social programs.

Funds will simply be transferred directly to those organizations.  I currently fund all efforts myself with a full-time job.

Any funding for will be used towards growing the organization or one of the Missions.

We are applying for 501C3 status.  Until received, any donations are not tax deductible.

Please contact us and we can discuss questions you may have.

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