Business Model

All Awake Love volunteers and employees agree to abide by the rules of this business model.

Awake Love is a spiritually motivated organization, the purpose of which is to spread the power of Unconditional Love to the world.  Therefore, as a representative of Awake Love, you are expected to spend time each and every day learning to Love yourself Unconditionally.  We are unable to Love others Unconditionally if we do not Love ourselves Unconditionally.

Awake Love participants recognize and believe in the COMPLETE equality of men and women — and of all human beings.

Forgiveness, compassion, generosity, empathy are all characteristics you are expected to exhibit and strive for.

Setting healthy, strong boundaries is also very, very important.  Watch this video for reference.

Telling the truth at all times, every time, is a challenge, but expected and valued at Awake Love.  This is for YOUR personal growth and is one of the most important and challenging areas of human failings.

For example, your manager requests that a report be completed by Friday, but you don’t know how to do it and you don’t think you can get it done by then.

The highest value is placed upon telling that truth to your manager.

Simply say “I don’t know how to do it and I need help.”

Your manager then has the expected behavior of exhibiting compassion, and working with you to see how together the task can be done — or moved to a later date.

Awake Love encourages diversity as a core value.  Race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation shall not be a factor in employment or volunteerism, nor shall it be a factor when dealing with customers or vendors.

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